Organize THY job search.


Joustlist is a Smarter Spreadsheet

Joustlist organizes your job search and improves success with insights and recommendations.

If you're tracking your job search at all, you're likely unorganized. That’s not on you— it’s a confusing and stressful process.

Joustlist was built with that in mind. We created a "smart spreadsheet," offering unique insight through special cells, based on data that matters most to you.





We spent years as hiring managers taking advantage of all the hiring tools we had in front of us.

We expected to have the same tools at our expense as job seekers.

The lack of organization drove us crazy, and we thought we could help make the job search not only more organized, but smarter.

We’d love to hear any feedback as we’re growing Joustlist and helping more people get organized in their search.

– John and Drew, co-founders